Les Anémones - Les Ateliers Martine

Les Anémones - Les Ateliers Martine

The word of the creator:

Casa Lopez and the MAD (Musée des Arts Décoratifs) join forces to launch a series of exceptional rugs made from drawings by Les Ateliers Martine, a creative school created by Paul Poiret at the beginning of the last century.

On this wool rug, entirely made by hand, in the oblique cross stitch typical of the Arraiolos craftsmanship, a row of Parma digitals and tall leafy absinthe and fuchsia green stems stand out against a black background. Mystery of an exceptional foliage that catches the eye with its dazzling profusion, magnificently lit, on a moonlit night's night. This carpet to live in the manner of a painting will be the strong element of a decor. We imagine it in all types of rooms to live with the desire to put it where it will be best seen so much its design enchants.

France : 7 business days
Worldwide : 15 business days

Material : Wool
Size : 200cm x 300cm
Color : Green, Pink & Black


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