Casa Lopez,

Having become the specialist of Western rugs, Casa Lopez remains attached to the values around which its identity was built.

Among them is home-made manufacturing. Most of the items sold at Casa Lopez are handmade in workshops where traditional craftsmanship is passed on from generation to generation.

And in Europe, in respect of the highest ethical standards but also as a guarantee of a quality without flaws.

Quality and

The demand for premium quality, always using natural finishes and materials, has resulted in Casa Lopez choosing to manufacture its collections exclusively in Europe, and more specifically in countries around the Mediterranean basin.

Spain, Portugal, Italy but also, of course, France are among the list of European nations renowned for their traditional quality expertise in weaving, embroidery but also earthenware or glassware... As a result, by entrusting the manufacture of its products to expert craftsmen, Casa Lopez offers tailor-made, exclusive pieces, produced individually or in small quantities.


With their special feature of looking perfect in any place that welcomes them, Casa Lopez Western rugs have quickly become essential features, bringing comfort, delicacy and an offbeat look to any home, whether town apartments, or houses in the country or seaside.

Identifiable by their uncompromising manufacture and their sense of detail, these rugs exude a real atmosphere thanks to their simple authenticity. None of the rugs or home objects presented at Casa Lopez could be qualified as ostentatious. The art of living according to Casa Lopez is that of a discreet elegance, where home decoration is conducted on an intuitive level.


By advocating the free circulation of rugs and objects from inside the house to outside and vice versa, Casa Lopez demystifies home accessories that become objects made foremost for pleasure through beautiful tables and set-ups that will inspire you to invite guests in the living room, the dining room or under the arbour.

Nothing fragile or too precious, but objects for everyday life.