Casa Lopez takes the utmost care in the manufacture of each of its rugs. Whether they are individually or serially manufactured, each rug bearing the name CASA LOPEZ meets a number of criteria including the nobility of materials and respect for quality, as well as great attention paid to finishes. Casa Lopez incorporates numerous techniques to offer its customers a wide range of pieces, including three large families of rugs.


This artisanal process is executed on canvas. The design of the rug is hand-drawn on the canvas stretched according to the scale model and each area of colour is specified.

The wool is introduced by the weaver, strand by strand, in the back of the canvas using a pneumatic or electric gun.

The skill of this work allows the faithful reproduction of forms in a thick, homogeneous and very contemporary pile.

After having chosen the desired height, the hairs are cut so as to obtain a regular pile.

The tufted pile can be chiselled to give an embossed appearance to the pattern.

Woven RUGS

Manufactured on specially adapted machines, standard rugs can be produced in larger quantities. They nevertheless obey the same quality requirements as tufted.