Casa Lopez,
the specialist for western rugs

Founded in 1983 by Bernard Magniant-Lopez, Casa Lopez innovates by offering colourful rugs, as a counterpoint to soft furnishings.

At the time, when the market was divided between Oriental rugs, the re-releases of the 30s and the creations of contemporary artists, Casa Lopez found its place and immediately became the specialist of Western rugs with anti-conformist pieces, adorned with pretty arabesques and geometric or floral motifs, which revisit Spanish rugs.


French in spirit with its singular elegance, placed at the crossroads of European cultures thanks to borrowed influences,

Casa Lopez presents a delicate world. Casa Lopez's exclusive collections and custom-made rugs seduce major customers such as architects, decorators, and personalities from the worlds of the arts, politics, and business, as well as anonymous lovers of beautiful things.


As he takes the leads of CASA LOPEZ, Pierre Sauvage, also from the world of luxury, wants to install this institution in its time through more contemporary creations while retaining the soul of this niche brand.

He presents, beyond rugs, the core of the business, accessories for the home - earthenware, glassware, bedding... - made in a traditional way, mainly in Europe, and for the most part in Mediterranean countries: Spain, Portugal , Italy...