• Indoor Octavio Lantern
  • Indoor Octavio Lantern
Indoor Octavio Lantern

Indoor Octavio Lantern

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They can be placed, hung, paired, and live inside or outside. The lanterns, these magical light boxes, with their transparent walls and sober or elaborate sheet metal details, are a source of light that combines charm with functionality. Now available in a variety of sizes and shapes, these lighting objects are made to order in Spain. They can be chosen in any colour, in all the shades of the rail. In a contemporary spirit, cut like faceted diamonds, they open the way to a corridor; an Anglo-Indian inspired duo, with a more nomadic style, with their openwork cap, they refine a bedroom. Small and therefore easy to place, they are also available with a half-shade, on a stand, perfect for creating a point of light on a fireplace or in a library.


Material : Metal
Made on-demand
Many colors available

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  • Origine Fabrication


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