• Indoor Emilio Lantern
  • Indoor Emilio Lantern
Indoor Emilio Lantern

Indoor Emilio Lantern

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Contact us to finalize your order : contact@casalopez.com. Available in over 300 colours, feel free to choose yours.

They can be placed, hung, paired, and live inside or outside. The lanterns, these magical light boxes, with their transparent walls and sober or elaborate sheet metal details, are a source of light that combines charm with functionality. Now available in a variety of sizes and shapes, these lighting objects are made to order in Spain. They can be chosen in any colour, in all the shades of the rail. In a contemporary spirit, cut like faceted diamonds, they open the way to a corridor; an Anglo-Indian inspired duo, with a more nomadic style, with their openwork cap, they refine a bedroom. Small and therefore easy to place, they are also available with a half-shade, on a stand, perfect for creating a point of light on a fireplace or in a library.


Material : Metal
Made on-demand
Many colors available

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