• Tapis Antoinette Poisson
  • Tapis Antoinette Poisson
  • Tapis Antoinette Poisson
Tapis Antoinette Poisson

Ikat - Antoinette Poisson

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Casa Lopez has chosen the name Antoinette Poisson to create a series of three exclusive rugs, issued in a limited series. These two young brands, specialists in a delicate art of living, each with its core business, rugs for Casa Lopez and wallpapers for Antoinette Poisson, share a passion for the beautiful and a demand for quality. Their common point: to rely on tradition to show creations of a finesse largely inspired by the past but resolutely anchored in the present. This jute and blue wool rug exudes softness and elegance, in an identical reproduction of a motif re-envisioned after an Ikat of the eighteenth century where lines, squares, block lines and features are repeated in an extremely melodious manner.


Material : Jute & Wool
Production : Mécanique
Size : 200cm x 300cm
Colors : Blue & Jute

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