• Tableware


    Beyond rugs, its historic core business, Casa Lopez presents home accessories - earthenware, glassware, blankets... - handcrafted, mainly in Europe, and for the most part in Mediterranean countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy... So many new favourite objects, exclusive, edgy yet simple, designed to fit harmoniously into every person's...

  • Rugs


    Brand mainly focused on the production of Western rugs and Spanish handicraft rugs, (wool piqué, pinned wool, Araiolo...), Casa Lopez regularly issues new resolutely contemporary rugs which bring a contrasting and rhythmic touch to the places that they decorate.

  • Home Accessories

    Home Accessories

    There are many ideas here for yourself, but you will also be sure to find some perfect gifts among these singular objects that evoke the South. Beautiful light, newfound freedom, the sweetness of life... Each individual can find their own personal taste reflected here. Through its creations, Casa Lopez is above all a state of mind: colourful,...

  • Furniture


    Resolutely open to all collaborations with artisans whose work it admires, Casa Lopez imagined a series of wooden, rattan or more recently metal furniture. Whether it is manufactured in Spain or in France, each Casa Lopez piece of furniture is handmade with the utmost care.

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An elegant way to
Symbolize the subtil without ostentation

A noblesse nuanced
by the charm of disinvolture

An elegant way to
Symbolize the subtil without ostentation