Elegant and robust at the same time, these plates, exclusively imagined for Casa Lopez, are entirely handmade. Inspired by Mediterranean cultures, they consist of plates and dishes in various sizes and are used anywhere, inside and out, for an improvised dinner or a big party with friends.

  • Ceramic Collection

    Ceramic Collection

    It is in Spain that Casa Lopez, seduced by local craftsmanship, has imagined this service of plates and bowls in Iberian faience, hand painted, proposed in blue, green, brown, red or black with a bird pattern nestled in a plant intertwined on gray white background.

  • Apple Collection

    Apple Collection

    Entirely hand-drawn and hand-made, these faience plates are a tribute to Normandy’s king fruit, the apple. Proposed in three sizes, each time with a different design, this charming service with a white background and brown surround is used and mixed with the desire to bring tables a joyful, colorful and vernacular style.

  • Four Aces Collection

    Four Aces Collection

    Entirely hand-painted, this figurative table service spreads out its game. The large plates combine squares of ten and seedlings of flowers in a colorful and elegant composition; dessert plates alternate blends of aces and flowers; Bread plates pose ace to the table for a success to many. They are offered individually or in pairs for a...

  • Terracotta Collection

    Terracotta Collection

    This exclusive tableware collection made of hand painted brown glazed clay with delicate white dots is handmade in Portugal according to a traditional cooking technique. With different sizes of plates and casserole dishes, it can go from the oven to the table. Particularly in the country side, it is an easy way to cook hot dishes, stews or...

  • Mimosa Collection

    Mimosa Collection

    A hand-painted gold rain falls on this tableware entirely hand-painted. On their perimeters, the large plates and the dessert plates let explode garlands of branches; the bread plates show in their center yellow pompons with green branches. An exclusive collection, fresh and delicate, that brightens all the tables where it exposes itself.

  • Terre Mêlée Collection

    Terre Mêlée Collection

    Casa Lopez revisits the tradition with these marbled dishes, in "Terre Mêlée", resulting from a rare and precious technique of the eighteenth century. Made in Provence, in acid colors - tangerine, yellow, green - underlined by a contrasting line and signed by the initials of the craftsman, this collection brings a note tonic to the summer...

  • Chesnut and Artichoke Collection

    Chesnut and Artichoke Collection

    Two charming patterns for a hand-painted ceramic plate that blends shades of blue, green, purple and pink. The artichoke, a magical spring thistle that's edible and magical, is beautifully stylized to take up the space on the presentation plates; the chestnuts, delicious autumn fruits sheltered by prickly bugs, come together in groups of four...

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