Elegant and robust at the same time, these plates, exclusively imagined for Casa Lopez, are entirely handmade. Inspired by Mediterranean cultures, they consist of plates and dishes in various sizes and are used anywhere, inside and out, for an improvised dinner or a big party with friends.

  • Dessert Plate

    Dessert Plate

    These small plates can accommodate pies and cut fruits. They can also be taken out to accompany a gourmet tea with scones and small sandwiches.

  • Plate


    These are the classic dishes that are used at the table to serve all kinds of dishes. We also like them in the garden where they sit on a buffet, they can contain salty pies and various salads.

  • Presentation Plate

    Presentation Plate

    Whether used as cover plates to perfect the decoration of a table or as plates for a second course, these presentation plates can also be used to present some tomatoes or dried meats.

  • Bread Plate

    Bread Plate

    Casa Lopez revisits tradition with these marbled plates, in "Terre Mêlée", made using a rare and precious technique of the eighteenth century. Made in Provence, these bread plates are available in totally original acid colours with a "grand siècle" cut, all signed with the maker's initials.

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