Home Accessories

Home Accessories

There are many ideas here for yourself, but you will also be sure to find some perfect gifts among these singular objects that evoke the South. Beautiful light, newfound freedom, the sweetness of life... Each individual can find their own personal taste reflected here. Through its creations, Casa Lopez is above all a state of mind: colourful, joyful, friendly, and of course exportable all over the globe.

  • Candles


    "The soul of a place is also the smell that emanates from it." Determined to complete the world of the house and to play even more of the five senses, Pierre Sauvage publishes three scented candles and a series of candles in melted wax, for an olfactory collection which should be enriched each year by new scents.

  • Tote Bag

    Tote Bag

    Casa Lopez imagined a series of rigid wicker baskets, entirely hand-made in France, which is harnessed with nylon straps in acid colors. A useful accessory to transport your newspapers from home to the pool or bring wine to friends who invite you to dinner.

  • Home Fragrance

    Home Fragrance

    Linen-Bed-House multi-purpose spray, LIKE A FRESH WIND is also the first scented indoor mist of a series of scents. Conceived of by Juliette Karagueuzoglou as a light breeze, a delicate veil that evokes clean linen, windows that open onto the countryside and lets a fresh, delicate air move through, LIKE A FRESH WIND can be sprayed on linen...

  • Jar


    This beautiful Iberian earthenware jar, hand painted, is presented in harmonious blue lapis and tender green colour combination with a bird motif nestled in an interlacing plant design on a grey white background.

  • Umbrella Holder

    Umbrella Holder

    The now iconic Casa Lopez motif, a lapis blue and tender green version with a bird nestled in a plant-motif interlacing on a grey-white background, this season decorates an umbrella stand in Iberian earthenware, to pose in an entrance, in the town or in the country, to bring a little sun to the rain.

  • Cross


    These traditional ceramic crosses, painted by hand, can be hung on the walls or used as decorative elements, at Christmas, to dress a tree.

  • Window Box

    Window Box

    Entirely hand-painted in blues and greens on an off-white background, this window box adorned with the, now iconic, Casa Lopez bird nesteld in a vegetal interlacing is pretty inside and out. Inside a kitchen for aromatic plants or on the terrace for seasonal flowers it is definitely a great addition to the Casa Lopez ceramic collection.

  • Lamps


    Made of reed or metal, Casa Lopez now creates made-to-measure lamps series to further expand its home accessories department

  • Book
  • Textile


    When we share the same vision of decoration, that we love places to live where the materials mix and patterns meet, it is only natural to want to imagine projects together. Since Pierre Sauvage met Carolina Irving, a magnificent publisher of cosmopolitan furniture fabrics, they both wanted to start a common...

  • Pillows and plaids

    Pillows and plaids

    Entirely embroidered with Arcos in wool according to the iconic Iberian-inspired vegetable interlacing, Casa Lopez pillow comes in two versions. The stripe and its vertical friezes alternating flowers and foliage and all vegetal impressionist spirit. Available in green and blue, they bring, placed on a bench, a...

  • Jeu de Cartes
  • Objects
  • Coat Hanger
  • Tablecloths

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