House focused mainly on the production of Western or Spanish handcrafted rugs (wool quilted, woolen pinned, Araiolo stitch, etc.), CASA LOPEZ regularly publishes new resolutely contemporary rugs that bring to places that they decorate a contrasting and rhythmic touch.


Many ideas for oneself but also targeted gifts among these singular objects that evoke the Suds. Queen light, newfound freedom, sweetness of life... It's up to each one to project his own. Through its creations, CASA LOPEZ is above all a state of mind: colorful, joyful, convivial, and of course exportable to all latitudes.

Casa Lopez offers you

Home accessories

A discreet elegance where decorating proves to be of the order of feeling.

The art of living as a way of deploying around oneself a universe that envelops, caresses, includes; a universe where interior/exterior borders disappear to give way to a free circulation of objects. Casa Lopez was born from this desire.

This house, originally specialized in Western carpets, has become in a few years a brand in its own right, with a French spirit by its singular elegance, placed at the crossroads of European cultures thanks to borrowed influences.

Ultra identifiable with its accessories for the home, joyful and subtle without ostentation and for the most part hand-made, Casa Lopez offers collections where tableware, furniture, fabrics, lighting are constantly renewed. Now a key player in "one stop shopping", with several boutiques in Paris, corners in the provinces, a shopping site and soon franchises, Casa Lopez is like Pierre Sauvage, the soul of this house, resolutely rooted in tradition but always open to the world, and its novelty.

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