Effortless Style: Casa Lopez

Effortless Style: Casa Lopez

The word of the creator:

Through this ostentatiously elegant book, a portrait of a man with a keen eye and a brand, Casa, is emerging. Lopez, whose merry and colorful style elements blend with evidence to furniture and family objects or other treasures found or gleaned in the auction room. Beyond the images, taken inside and outside, Pierre Sauvage wanted to go further and invite the reader to his table by sharing with him recipes of friends because the places live and live like this suite of atmospheres is always friendly. Two versions available, French and English.

France : 7 business days
Worldwide : 15 business days
This title will be released on April 11th, 2018.

224 pages
Text : Fabienne Reybaud
Pictures : Vincent Thibert
220mm x 330mm


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