Contemporary Rugs

As a brand mainly focused on the production of Western rugs and Spanish handicraft rugs, (wool piqué, pinned wool, Araiolo...), Casa Lopez regularly issues new resolutely contemporary rugs which bring a contrasting and rhythmic touch to the places that they decorate.

Casa Lopez creations are continuously being refreshed, with one constant: a pairing of expertise and design. Alongside the original collections, some pieces, the brand classics, retain their popularity from year to year.


Creation of premium rugs

To best respond to the needs and wishes of its customers, Casa Lopez can, using an existing rug, a document, a drawing or a simple desire, create a custom rug.

A sample of 160 colours makes it possible to agree on the desired harmonies. Once the quote has been accepted, and the measurements of the rug confirmed, Casa Lopez carries out the mapping, the dyeing of the wool and the manufacture.


Creation of ultra resistant rugs

With their regular design, the Marie-Louise, Arceaux, Panthère rugs... are available in the perfect sizes for residential stairways or the hallways of buildings and the offices. Exclusive, and handcrafted, they bring a unique note to the places they adorn, characterised by elegance without ostentation.

Ultra resistant, they are suitable for daily use and frequent passage.

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