• Artichoke Plate
  • Artichoke Plate
  • Artichoke Plate
Artichoke Plate

Artichoke Plate


Two charming patterns for a hand-painted ceramic plate that blends shades of blue, green, purple and pink. The artichoke, a magical spring thistle that's edible and magical, is beautifully stylized to take up the space on the presentation plates; the chestnuts, delicious autumn fruits sheltered by prickly bugs, come together in groups of four to charmingly adorn the bottom of a plate with a multicolored outline. This service features white dessert plates with a rim decorated with lines and a necklace of dots chosen in monochrome colors.   Blending together, they all bring a fresh and fanciful elegance to both summer and winter tables. Countryside or city, it will be according to the circumstances and the state of mind of the moment.


Material : Faience
Size : 26cm

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